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Our Historical Roots

by Jeffrey Benner

Our historical roots are in Richard Clark's south suburban Calumet Pagan Temple of the 1970s. Calumet Pagan Temple was the genesis of  many Chicago-area suburban  witches and several covens, just as was the north-side Temple of the Pagan Way. (at this time we believe Richard Clark was trained in Pagan Way; the history is currently being researched.) Both  groups no longer exist except in their progeny.

Herman Enderly's Temple of the Pagan Way followed Ed Fitch's "Pagan Way" ritual system, which can be read about in Herman Slater's compilation of rituals titled A Book of Pagan Rituals (Weiser) [another good source of Fitch ideas is The Witch's Grimoire]. Many Chicago-area groups can trace at least part of their ritual practices to ideas or rituals adapted, or even lifted  verbatim, from Fitch's Pagan Way system. The  Pagan Way system was an attempt to create a generic pagan system which transcended many of the divisions between traditions which had emerged at the time. Pagan Way followers were  not necessarily witches. Pagan Way used ideas in ceremonial  magick very heavily.

written by: Jeffrey Benner, July 29, 1996
updated: January 19, 1998
document AGLAHIST © 1998 by Jeffrey Benner. Permission must be obtained  before reproducing in any non-electronic format. E-mail the Aglaian Triad of Wicca's webmaster at

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