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Introduction to the Assembly of Wiccan

by Mevlannen Beshderen

The Assembly of Wiccan (AOW) is one of several inter-related Craft traditions that have been most active in the  Central Valley of California. It  was founded in 1973 by initiates from the Majestic and Silver Crescent Traditions, and may have also received some Kingstone influence along the way.

The AOW hold that there was a unique  source for all creation, which they term The Oneness.  At some time long ago, The Oneness separated itself into female and male parts, which respectively became (or were transformed into) the Goddess and God.

The Laws of  Karma and the Law of Retribution figure in AOW practice, as does an  understanding that the Gods and Goddesses continue to influence all creation, through the operation of an eternal cycle of life, death and rebirth. AOW  initiates are taught an extensive body of astrological and herbal lore.

The AOW has its own Book of Shadows and Ordains, which generally resemble (but differ in detail from) those of the other Central Valley  traditions. AW rites are open to both men and women; worship is gender-balanced and  initiations follow a three-degree system.

written by: Mevlannen Beshderen, based on materials available from the AOW website
updated: March 1, 1998
document ASOWTRAD © 1998 Beaufort House Association

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