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 Gardnerian Contacts in Canada

revised by Brigantia Stone, October 1998

Issues and Concerns

Contact information for Gardnerian covens is difficult to obtain, owing to two factors:

  • We don't proselytize, and many covens and study groups therefore do not advertise their existence, preferring instead to rely upon word of mouth.
  • In the case of those few groups which do openly advertise their existence, applications for study are often only accepted during short periods of time, until available student spaces are filled.

When study groups advertise their existence, they might do so via announcements on electronic bulletin-board systems, or via regional contact services.

Once you have made contact with a study group or coven, ask for and check references. All legitimate Gardnerian covens and their associated study groups are part of one or another lineage of  covens that trace back to one of Gerald Gardner's High Priestesses. One warning sign to watch out  for is would-be teachers who cannot or will not give verifiable Craft references. Although it is  occasionally suggested by non-Gardnerian commentators that there are "non-lineage" or  "book-trained" covens that sprang up spontaneously, based on the published writings of some Craft  author or another, such groups are not part of our Traditional family.

The Canadian Situation

The groups listed below are not the only Gardnerian groups in Canada, but they have been checked out by one or the other of the Elders who are working together to build this web-site, and so we  recommend them as a good starting point for your search.

The best advice I can offer to a seeker is "Always ask first, and understand the answer!"

Electronic and Postal Contacts


 Coven of the Stone and Cauldron is a Gardnerian teaching coven in Calgary, led by HPS Autumn River. The group meets every two weeks, and requires completion of homework and   practical exercises along with reliable attendence at the meetings. Practical commuting distances for group meetings are from Canmore in the west, Bowden in the north, Brooks in the east, and High   River in the south. Reliable transportation is a must as our highways are not well-maintained in the winter.
Stone and Cauldron is intended as a training venue for seekers aged 25 years and up -- it is not a   therapy or support group. To contact Autumn River, e-mail her via:

Wild Rose Outer Grove is a Pagan training group for people of mature disposition who have had  no prior initiatory experience. The Grove is sponsored by Coven of the Stone and Mirror. The  Grove's meetings will commence early in February of 1999, and run for one year. More information about the Grove is available at this Web page:

Coven of the Stone and Mirror is a Gardnerian elder coven in southwestern Alberta. It may be reached via:
The coven has its own Web page at:
During the 1999-2000 teaching cycle, Coven of the Stone and Mirror will not accept students  outside of the Grove process mentioned above.

British Columbia

There are Gardnerian initiates of several lineages in British Columbia, but thus far they haven't come very far out of the woodwork.

 Ontario (and Eastern Canada)

Dave Springer of Quicksilver Coven in Ottawa makes student referrals to select Traditional (both Gardnerian and others) groups in Ontario, and can upon occasion be convinced to take students   himself. Students should be of the age of consent, and will be held to high standards of conduct and discretion. To contact him, e-mail him via:

 Magazines and Newsletters

The Hidden Path is a quarterly magazine, published in the northern Midwest of America, and   covering events of interest to Gardnerians across the continent (and overseas), and presenting ritual ideas, historical and theological essays, and other things of interest to its readers -- leavened with   occasional doses of wicked humour. Subscriptions are solely by recommendation from the leader of a Gardnerian coven.

For further information, write to:
THP c/o Windwalker
Box 934, Kenosha, Wisconsin, 53141-0934 USA

 Red Garters: A Journal of Traditionalist Wicca is published in the wilds of the Central Valley of  California. It covers events of interest to British Traditional Witches across the continent (and  overseas), presenting rituals, historical and theological essays. Subscriptions are available to the  general public at a suggested donation of $13 US per year (to Canada, Mexico and USA) or $17 US per year (worldwide, surface mail).

 Red Garters also has its own Web pages, at:

For further information, write to:
 Red Garters International
Box 162046, Sacramento, California, 95816 USA

Six Roads: a Gardnerian Journal of the Art is a quarterly "little magazine" for Gardnerian initiates , published in Western Canada. Subscriptions are by formal recommendation from the HPS of a Gardnerian coven, and are subject to verification and acceptance. Subscription  information can be obtained from the magazine's web-site at:

You may also e-mail to:


Phoenix Publications, who have been in business for some years, publish a variety of books of  interest to Gardnerians, Alexandrians and other Traditionalist Witches. One of their more delightful products is a hard-bound, perfectly blank Book of Shadows, with a lovely black, gold-stamped  cover, intended for those who want to practice their "hand of write". Contact Phoenix Publications via e-mail at:

They also maintain a current catalogue of their books on the Web, at:

Let them know you found their e-mail and Web addresses here.

revised by Brigantia Stone
updated: January 2, 1999
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