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The Central Valley Wicca

by Kalisha Zahr

The various Central Valley Wiccan traditions trace their origins back to adherents of the Old Religion who settled in the Central  Valley of Northern California in  the early 1960s. Our ancestors did not refer to themselves as a "tradition" of the Craft. Formal traditions are a more recent development of Wicca.

Today, there are several  traditions that descend from the Central Valley Wicca  (CVW), including Silver Crescent, Majestic, Kingstone, Assembly of Wicca, and Daione Coire. In the early days, a follower of the Old Ways was not told who their  initiator's initiator was - therefore, the identity of our common ancestor remains  a mystery to this day. What is known is that our common ancestor had ties to England, having either lived there or having been a British citizen prior to coming to the U.S.

There are several theories about the Central Valley Wicca.  It is most likely  that CVW was an independent line brought to the U.S. from Britain, although there is also speculation that Central Valley Wicca may be an off-shoot of British Gardnerianism. This is a matter for much speculation and debate   today. CVW ritual forms have much in common with Gardnerianism as practiced in Great Britain, but in other ways we have our differences.

It is a tenet of the Central Valley Wicca and its various Traditions that money is never  charged for  magical work, nor for initiating and teaching our religion. Some covens have reasonable dues for basic coven expenses; others rely on free-will donations as the need arises.

Caveat: Insofar as all third degree Elders are autonomous in our tradition, none of us may speak for all of us. As one of the founders of the Kingstone Tradition, the foregoing thoughts are my own opinions concerning the nature of the Central Valley Wicca and the Kingstone Tradition, which I dearly love and cherish. My thanks to Mevlannen for her permission to paraphrase her articles elsewhere on this site.

written by Kalisha Zahr, HPS
updated: January 12, 1998
document CVWTRAD © 1998 New Wiccan Church

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