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Daoine Coire- a Tradition of Magick

by Berkanu and Oakseer of Hearth & Horn

Daoine Coire (DEEna COYra) is a descendant lineage of Central Valley Wicca, British Wicca as  practiced in California's great  Central Valley. We take our name from an old Scottish practice of referring to the denizens of the Otherworld indirectly, so as to maintain a cordial relationship with them. Daoine Coire means  "People of the Hollow" or "People  of the Cauldron".

The attitudes inherent in Daoine Coire practice show a great deal of overlap with other CVW and British Wiccan traditions. We believe that Divinity  pervades the Universe, a spiritual Source that manifests as the  Goddess and God we worship. Our Goddess is the Mystery of the Feminine in Nature; sexual, nurturing and challenging, awe-inspiring source of wisdom and  evolution. Our God is Master of all things wild and free, our teacher and companion on the  journey of life as well as Lord of Death and Rebirth. Daoine Coire circles are a microcosm of the greater Universe within which we  exist, including our living Gods, coveners, Guardians and spirits of the elements and our revered ancestors (the  Mighty Dead). These are our family, whose advice and aid we seek and whose presence we honor and celebrate.  Divinity surrounds us every day, revealing its presence in Nature, in ourselves, and in our fellow human beings.

Many traditional  Witches practice techniques referred to as "Magick" to enhance the personal growth  and community service that are central to our way of life. Far from using our magick to blast or cast evil spells, Wicca adhere to the Law of  Threefold Return: whatever you send out will return to you threefold. It is  to our benefit therefore to deal only in positive, life-enhancing energy. Daoine Coire believe very strongly that magick is a gift of our Gods to us, to help us  survive and prosper. We carry on the ancient craft of tribal  shamans in that we are called to the service of our Gods and our communities, to use our magick to protect, to heal and to bring ourselves into greater harmony with the Universe.  Magick is not only practiced at Full Moon or  in ritual circles; there is magick in our relationships, in our work and families, in our outlook on life. It is this vocation that describes Daoine Coire as a priesthood.

Degrees or levels of  esoteric attainment within  the tradition are indicators of service and responsibility, not personal power. Elders (Third level males and females) are charged with the responsibility of continuing the tradition, as well as continuing their own  spiritual  development; either will fail without the other. All initiates must learn to balance personal responsibility with group support and experimentation with a traditional framework of teaching and ritual. Shared experiences  communicate  the Mysteries; Daoine Coire encourages everyone to teach each other within our covens. We expect coveners to question, research, think and change since the purpose of initiation is spiritual evolution. Although  sexual orientation is not an  issue for us in Daoine Coire, our inclusion of the literal enactment of the Great Rite of Fertility as a sacrament means that we work mostly with heterosexuals who are very secure in their own  identities. We encourage everyone to learn to tap  into the complementary polarities within themselves (regardless of sexual orientation or gender), but realize that it is easier for many people to use the readily available  polar energy of sexuality that flows naturally between virile males  and fertile females. For this reason, we consider the most effective group leadership to consist of a Third level male-female couple with a stable,  long-standing relationship.

We who are teachers and ritual leaders know that each person who  practices in the Daoine Coire tradition will approach it in a unique way. The major tools and symbols that we hold in common with  the rest of British Traditional Wicca form the backbone of our tradition; our ritual structure honors our history  and keeps us in touch with other British Traditions. We know that forms will change over time to meet new needs  or to better meet existing ones. Daoine Coire practice emphasies the initiates' evolving relationship with the Gods and their  participation in and integration of the Mysteries in their lives. The attitudes and experiences we  share are the heart of our tradition. The Grail may take many forms; the draught of Holy Wisdom is eternal.

written by Berkanu and Oakseer
updated: February 15, 1998
document DAOITRAD © 1998 Hearth & Horn

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