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The Earthwise Tradition

by Logan

Earthwise is foremost Alexandrian, but with one major difference, we are egalitarian. We are also non-authoritarian so there is very little  dogma in our tradition. This  gives our initiates and covens the freedom to choose what is right for them within the bounds of Wicca and the tradition itself.

Earthwise is an initiatory path with direct lineage to Maxine  and Alex Sanders. We do not recognize  self-initiation as part of the tradition. This is not to say that self-initiation is not a valid way of contacting the Gods, it just means that there is a standard of skill, knowledge,  and personal growth that an individual must acquire prior  to initiation. Also one must be, initiated by another to be given lineage.

Being that we are Alexandrian we tend to work with polarity, and so our initiations are  usually cross-gender. For us this is not just symbolic, but we know it to be  a very natural way of passing the energies during initiation. Since we are for the most part egalitarian in structure, we only have one level of  initiation and it combines elements of both the 1st and 2nd degree Alexandrian initiations.

All  though there is only one initiation, there are several levels of training and development that the student undergoes within  the tradition. They are pre-initiate, post- initiate, and self-guided.

Pre-initiate training covers the basics of  the Craft. The student is expected to participate in ritual and learn ritual structure, simple energy work,  spell work, a form of divination, basic history, healing with herbs, and to take responsibilities for their actions. They also are  expected to learn the Wheel of the Year, Goddess and God archetypes, mythologies, Alexandrian  and Earthwise philosophies and various meditation exercises. This training period is to last at least a year and a day.

Post-initiate training  covers inner-development. The student is expected to perfect ritual, and learn  to focus and direct group energy. They are also to deepen their understanding of the Goddess, the God, and the Guardians. They are also encouraged to learn some  psychology, counciling, first aid, CPR, and group-dynamics and  also to help out in the teaching of pre-initiates. During this period, which is to last from six moons to a year and a day, they are also to copy the Book of Shadows in their own hand of write and when that task is complete they may hive off and initiate others if they wish.

Self-guided studies are that which the student finds to be their own person truths and realities. These studies last  a lifetime  and the direction they take can only be determined by the student.

Within the Earthwise tradition we do not emphasize levels of development with levels of initiations or elevations. We see initiates of the  tradition as equals where each  holds the key that opens the door to their own spiritual self.

Our Book of Shadows is in essence the Alexandrian Book of Shadows with some of Alex's teachings and philosophy added in and since we are not hierarchical we replaced much of the Old Laws with ones that reflect our egalitarian nature.

Earthwise was developed and informally practiced and taught  during  1997, but it was on the tenth day of June 1998 that the tradition of Earthwise was formally conjured through sacred ritual and dedicated to the Goddess and the God.

written by Logan
document EARTTRAD 1998, Logan for Earthwise
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