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Celtic Traditionalist Contacts in North America

Electronic and Postal Contacts

The Foxwood Temple of the Old Religion is active in public outreach, as  part of their collective mandate  to provide spiritual counseling, guidance and religious education. The Foxwood Temple and some of its associated groves sponsor introductory classes, completion of which may or may not lead to  opportunities for further study and eventual  initiation, depending on the students' interests and progress.

Celtic Traditionalist groups such as Foxwood have established an active presence on the Internet; at least two of  these groups maintain web-sites, and through them referrals may  be available onwards to other groups which are not yet on-line. You may also find out about study groups by direct invitation, after you have been participating  in your local Pagan community for some time.

As is the case for other Traditions, ask for and check referencesonce you have made contact with a group that identifies as being associated with Foxwood. All of their temples,  groves and associated study groups can trace initiatory  lineage back through Lord Orion of Foxwood Temple. There are no legitimate "non-lineage" or "book-trained" Celtic Traditionalist covens.

 Foxwood Temple of the Old Religion

Foxwood is a dedicated temple to the  Old Gods and a Traditional House of the Old Religion; it maintains its own web-site with an extensive set of links to other Wiccan resources, as well as information on the classes and celebratory activities of the Temple. The teachings of Foxwood are based on the ancient ways of Prytani Celtic, Strega, and Faerie Traditions and are collectively transmitted as Celtic Traditional Wicca or The Old Religion.

The Temple was founded in 1990 by Lord Orion , High Priest in Celtic and Alexandrian Wicca and initiate of Welsh Tradition. General enquiries may be made via e-mail  to:

The Sacred Grove of the Oak

The Sacred Grove of the Oak is a Grove of Foxwood in the Salt Lake City, Utah area. The Grove maintains a web-site of its own. Although the Grove is small in comparison to the Temple, its members hold the same beliefs and traditions as their Mother Coven. The Grove holds classes twice a year for beginners and those who are curious about the Celtic traditions and the Craft in general.

As a group, the Grove also sponsors, as a part of their classes and religious practice, public services such as cleaning parks and or helping the needy folks in the community at large. Such projects are arranged by students and  performed by  all members of the grove. This assists the Grove in community acceptance and understanding of the true nature of the Craft in general.

Further information on the Grove and its activities may be obtained from Lord Gerike Foxwood at:

Magazines and Newsletters

As of 1993, a quarterly newsletter, Foxtales was being published in conjunction with the Temple's activities. I am unware of the current mailing address or status of the newsletter. Notices of the Temple's activities are ocasionally published in Circle Network News.

written by Mevlannen Beshderen, based on materials provided by Gerike Foxwood
updated: November 15, 1997
document FOXWFIND © 1997, Beaufort House Association

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