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A Brief History of Celtic Traditionalist Witchcraft

By Lord Gerike Foxwood

Primarily we come from a line that stems from Traditionalist origins. Lady Circe (who is still  Alive and kicking) founded the  Brotherhood of the Order of Wicca a while back and it has since grown in mass. My Coven decends from her like this:

House of Circe (Brotherhood of Wicca) is still active in Ohio; it spawned  Lady Sintana who later founded the House of  Ravenwood in Georgia. Ravenwood gave rise to Lady Alexandria of Elfsmoor and Foxmoor Covens (Georgia then Maryland) and she gave rise to Lord Orion who founded Foxwood Temple of the  Old Religion (Maryland) from where I come from. My group,  Sacred Grove of the Oak, is in Utah.

There are many other branches off each of those covens and all are still active except Foxmoor.

written by: Lord Gerike Foxwood
updated: November 16, 1997
document FOXWHIST © 1997 Lord Gerike Foxwood

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