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Gardnerian Tradition Contacts in America

by Brigantia Stone, revised 15 January 1999

Here listed are contacts for some of the Gardnerian groups in America; web addresses  given in [italics] are  located outside the Beaufort House domain, and will require the use of your borwser's 'back' button to return here.

It is important to bear in mind that many (and, indeed, the vast majority  of) Gardnerian groups do not have a presence on  the Internet. We are mindful of our charge as the Hidden Children of the Goddess. As such, Gardnerian web-sites tend to have a short lifespan, as study groups or outer courts  fill for each year's training cycle.

 Access to Traditional information

The Gardnerian Public Relations Forum has recently been established at:

The following description is taken from this web-site:

Until now, there has been no publicly owned organization for the followers of the Gardnerian tradition to speak about their own  tradition. This organization has been formed in order to provide a forum whereby Gardnerians can  represent themselves and their own ideas. This site is dedicated to providing information of a non oath-bound and outer-court  nature as a public service.

We do not represent the whole of the Gardnerian tradition, and the ideas we express  here do not speak for whole of the Gardnerian tradition itself. Most Gardnerian Witches choose to remain hidden  from the public eye because of the threat of religious persecution and/ or a simple desire for privacy. What we do represent  are authentic Gardnerians who have a desire to address some matters of common concern to many within  our tradition.

We will not be answering any questions directed towards the learning of our "oath bound" material. This issue  is what is oath bound is tricky, for every person interprets the oaths they take on a  personal level and different covens within our tradition interpret things according to their own insights as well. We seek to honor all of these  insights, however, there is a good deal of overlap between the various spiritual  paths.

Covens and training groups

Following are contact listings for some of the many Gardnerian teaching groups in America.


Coven Caer Logres near San Francisco takes students, and can make referrals to other groups in and beyond the Bay Area. The Coven is led by Lady Yseult; for further information you may e-mail her via:

Coven UL in San Francisco has a web-site, still under construction, at: Acropolis/2376/index.html.They may also be reached via e-mail at:

Tuathe De Cailleach in southern California is no longer taking new students as of October, 1998. They still have a web-site at:


Lady Cara takes students who can get to Hollywood for study-group meetings, and can make referrals to study groups elsewhere in Florida. Write to Lady Cara (enclosing a self-addressed stanped envelope) at:

Lady Cara
Box 4773, Hollywood, Florida 33083

Kentucky (and adjoining Midwest States)

Coven of the Silver Trine has an affiliated Pagan study group, taught by Lady Deirdre. She takes students who are willing and able to commute to Louisville every two weeks. Students are expected to commit to their studies. To contact Lady Deirdre, e-mail her via:
Please note that Lady Deirdre's e-mail box will only accept messages sent from AOL accounts.

Circle of the Serpent Moon, led by Lady Pythia Blackthorn and Galdor  Blackthorn,  has its own web-site at: The coven's leaders nay be reached via e-mail via:


Children of the Autumn Moon is a coven of the Florida Line, established on Cape Cod in 1995. Further information is available via e-mail at: or by writing to:

Autumn Arthur
P.O. Box 320, Forestdale, Massachusetts 02644

Minnesota and Wisconsin (and adjoining Midwest States)

SilenceSinger Coven is, in their own words, "a traditional Gardnerian coven, focusing on balance, mystical experiences, intellectual pursuits, and family-like relationships,personal responsibility, honesty, and group growth and cohesiveness." SilenceSinger Coven has a web-site at:

To reach the coven's HPS and HP, e-mail them via:

New Jersey

Jersey Shore Pagan Way (started circa 1974) is run by Gardnerians for the purpose of teaching. No charge is made for instruction (although freewill donations towards the costs of candles and other supplies are appreciated), but the group does require active participation by all of its members. Postal contact may be made via:

Jersey Shore Pagan Way
P.O.Box 4212, Long Branch, NJ 07740

New York

Rockland Lake Pagan Way is a study group sponsored by several Gardnerian covens. The study group meets in Rockland County and in northern New Jersey. For more information, write to:

Rockland County Pagan Way
P.O. Box 1021, Nyack, NY 10960


The Silver Bayou Teaching Circle is a training circle located in Houston. Descended from a Gardnerian/Alexandrian dual-lineage group in Canada, Silver Bayou "honors the Goddess and God and celebrates the turning of the year and life in all its forms."

Silver Bayou has a web-site at:

Magazines and Newsletters

The Hidden Path is a quarterly magazine, published in the northern Midwest of America, and covering events of interest to Gardnerians across the continent (and overseas), and presenting ritual ideas, historical and theological essays, and other things of interest to its readers -- leavened with occasional doses of wicked humour. Subscriptions are solely by recommendation from the leader of a Gardnerian coven.

For further information, write to:
THP c/o Windwalker
Box 934, Kenosha, Wisconsin, 53141-0934 USA

Red Garters: A Journal of Traditionalist Wicca is published in the wilds of the Central Valley of California. It covers events of interest to British Traditional Witches across the continent (and overseas), presenting rituals, historical and theological essays. Subscriptions are available to the general public at a suggested donation of $13 US per year (to Canada, Mexico and USA) or $17 US per year (worldwide, surface mail).

Red Garters also has its own Web pages, at:

For further information, write to:
Red Garters International
Box 162046, Sacramento, California, 95816 USA

Six Roads: a Gardnerian Journal of the Art is a quarterly "little magazine" for Gardnerian initiates, published in Western  Canada. Subscriptions are by formal  recommendation from the HPS of a Gardnerian coven, and are subject to verification and acceptance. Subscription information can be obtained from the magazine's web-site at:

You may also e-mail to:

For further information, write to:
Six Roads
Box 35060, Sarcee Post Office, Calgary, Alberta T3E 7C7, Canada.


Phoenix Publications, who have been in business for some years,  publish a variety of books of interest to Gardnerians and other Traditionalist Witches. One of their more delightful products is a hard-bound, perfectly blank Book of Shadows, with a lovely black, gold-stamped cover,  intended for those who want to practice their "hand of write". Contact Phoenix Publications via e-mail at:

They also maintain a current  catalogue of their books on the Web, at:www.phoenixpublishing.comLet them know you found their e-mail and Web addresses here.

revised by Brigantia Stone, who is happy to receive comments, corrections and additions.
updated: January 15, 1999
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