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Georgian Tradition Contacts in North America

compiled by Mevlannen Beshderen

Making Contact

You are most likely to find out about Georgian covens or  study groups by direct  invitation, after you have been particpating in your local Pagan community for some time. When study groups advertise their existence, they might do so via regional contact services.

Once you have  made contact with a study group or coven,  ask for and check references. All legitimate Georgian covens and their associated study groups are part of one or another lineage of covens that trace back to one of "Pat"  Patterson's High Priestesses. One warning sign to watch out  for is would-be teachers who cannot or will not give verifiable Craft references.

Electronic and Postal Contacts

Moondancer, who  was formerly quite active in the Georgian Tradition and who provided Beaufort  House's Georgian articles, may be reached through e-mail via:

Postal contacts may be made at the following address:

Nemed Cuculatti
Attn: Georgian Contacts
P.O. Box 66182, Seattle, Washington, 98166-0182

Moondancer has recently (December, 1997) told me that there are active groups  in Bakersfield, California as well as in Oklahoma and Colorado.

Magazines and Newsletters

The Georgian Newsletter, which formerly was a Georgian initiates' journal from Cailfornia, has  (apparently) ceased publication.

written by: Mevlannen Beshderen
updated: Deecmebr 4, 1997
document GEORFIND © 1997 Beaufort House Association

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