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The Georgian Tradition

by Moondancer

The Georgian Tradition is founded on published Gardnerian, Alexandrian and other traditional material, including input from "the  Sylvestrians" in England, the  New York/Brooklyn branch of the Welsh Tradition (Ed Buczynski & Herman Slater, both deceased) and "Gwen Thompson" (also now deceased) of the "New England Covens of  Traditionalist Witches." Gwen often stated that she had  given the tradition its name, citing the Gardnerian and Alexandrian lines as precedent, though others also make that claim.

One of Pat's main sayings was  "If it works, it's valid: use it. If it doesn't work, get rid of it and find  something that does."

Patterson expanded the core training material derived from Ed Fitch's Grimoire of the Shadows with material contributed by others as well as his own original writings. While the core Sabbat and initiatory material remains close to that of the published Gardnerian and Alexandrian traditions, there has been a vast influx of material written for the tradition by its members, which took on a more than a slight eclecticism.

Much of the early Georgian training material had to do with "un-brainwashing" yourself; getting rid of the mental tapes that play which tell you that there isn't any such thing as magick, that it's all bunk, etc.  Another large  part of it was learning to take responsibility for your actions, which is actually what those "Eight Words" of "the Rede" are all about. That having been said, most Georgians would probably  feel at home in an Alexandrian  circle, nonetheless.

Written by: Moondancer
Updated: December 4, 1997
Document GEORTRAD ©1997, Moondancer

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