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How to Contact "Halifax" Alexandrians

by Khaled

Please note that while we do occasionally sponsor study groups for those interested in  training in our  style of Alexandrianism, none of our covens are actively seeking new members. That said, there are three principle means of contacting one of our covens:

  1. The Quicksilver web site, by
  2. E-mailing Dave Springer  via, or by
  3. Sending a self-addressed envelope with a letter clearly stating your objectives to:
    Quicksilver, PO Box 32, Postal Station "B", Ottawa, Ontario, K1P 6C3 Canada.

For further information about Halifax Alexandrianism, look at:

A brief history of the Baast-derived covens.
Contact information for Baast-derived covens.

You may also return to:

The index of English Traditions of the Craft.
The Beaufort House home page.

Written by Khaled and
updated: May 31, 1998,
document HFX-FIND is © 1998 Khaled (D.K. Springer)