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Beaufort House Index of English Traditional Witchcraft

WTC 100-1-0; revised 15 January 1999

This is a genealogical 'site index' of the English Craft Traditions (including Gardnerian, Alexandrian and the like) and their offshoots. Coven leaders are the intended audience for this index (and, indeed, for the entire Beaufort House site); the information here given is, nevertheless, of a non-initiatory and non-Oathed nature, as we have no ultimate control over the way in which this index is accessed (barring our judicious selection of cross-links to Traditional Wiccan rather than Pagan or 'Wicca/Pagan' websites)

Highlighted links lead to brief discussions (suitable for pre-initiate seekers) of the theology, practice and history of the various Traditions, along with contact information where such is available. Follow the links through to find additional resources. Links which are shown in [italics] lead off-site; you will have to use your browser's 'back' button to return here.

Please also read our explanatory notes, which discuss our rationale, methods and membership.

Herewith, the index itself:

  • 1963 Alexandrian Witchcraft (in Britain) [website]
  • 1965? 'Sara Cunningham's Family'
  • 1970 Sicilian Witchcraft (in America)
  • 1973 Druidic Craft of the Wise (placement tentative)
  • 1982? Gardnerian Witchcraft (in the Netherlands) [website]
  • 1988 Gardnerian Witchcraft (in Germany) [intro][contacts]
  • 1990 Gardnerian Witchcraft (in Norway) [intro][contacts] [history]
  • 1994 Gardnerian Witchcraft (in Austria)

  • 1954? Rhean Tradition
  • 1957 'Brighton Coven Craft' (see also Cochrane groups, below)
  • 1953 Traditionalist (Cochrane) Witchcraft
  • 1968 Church and School of Wicca [website]
  • 1971 Georgian Tradition (in America) [intro] [contacts] [history]

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    last updated: January 15, 1999
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