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Minoan Brotherhood Contacts in North America

Postal and Electronic Contacts


Covens are secretive, and do not generally proselytize for new members.
For more information on the  Minoan Brotherhood, contact with a self-addressed stamped envelope:

Temenos Drakontos
P. O. Box 191522
San Francisco, CA 94119

Electronic inquiries can be directed to:

Taliesin at

Coven of the Living Forest,, or check out their web-ite.

Knossos Grove of Toronto, Ontario provides Grove-based and, in exceptional circumstances,  long-distance training  and referrals. Contact Sabazius at

written by several of the Minoan Elders
updated: January 12, 2000
revised: November 12, 1997
document MINBFIND © 1997, 1998 Minoan Brotherhood

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