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Minoan Brotherhood

This Gay Men's tradition of Witchcraft was established in New York by the late Lord Gwydion (Eddie Buczynski) in the middle 1970s, at the same time as the  Minoan Sisterhood was being  established by Lady Miw, also in New York. The Brotherhood remains exclusively a venue for Gay men to explore a traditional ritual witchcraft, one which can foster a similar, though Gay, sexual  mysticism and sense of personal empowerment as is  thought to be generally available for heterosexuals in some British traditions of Wicca.

Our founder was a Gardnerian initiate, hence the rituals of the Brotherhood are  based roughly on those of the Gardnerian Tradition, with changes to  accomodate for both a different core mythology and ritual custom. He was also a student of archaeology, especially of the Mediterranean, so traditional  imagery and deities are those of Ancient Crete and Mycenae. Working tools and their uses  are, however, virtually identical to those of British traditional Wicca.

Membership is by initiation, and we trace our line of  initiations back to Lord Gwydion. There are three degrees of initiation, after the third of which the individual  is qualified to go out and start a new coven or grove. Covens are secretive, and do not generally proselytize  for new members.

Worship centers around the Great Mother of all Living, as well as Her Divine Son, the Starry One, and His consort,  the Earth-Shaker. Meetings are held at the Full Moon and at Sabbats, and are traditionally  skyclad or naked. Invocatory practices (to encourage Divine Possession by the Gods) are common, and one of the aims of the Brotherhood is the  recognition of each brother's inherent divinity. The Brotherhood does magic  together in covens, in couples or alone.

Immediately after its founding, the tradition seemed anchored to New York City. Now, however, with the establishment of  another New York Coven, and of Covens in Massachusetts,  Toronto, Canada, Florida and in the San Francisco Bay Area all within the last 7 years, there is a rekindled hope that the Brotherhood will become more accessible to Gay Male Witches,  becoming a force for their empowerment in  the Traditionalist Craft community generally.

Authorship statement

This article was written by Psithyristes of Temenos Drakontos (Berkeley, California), in collaboration with Elders from  Knossos Grove West (San  Francisco), Temenos Praxitheos (Oakland, California), and Grove of the Cup and Vine (Oakland, California). Also consulted were Elders from Temenos Thiasos (Toronto, Ontario, Canada), Temenos Theotokos (Salem,  Massachusetts)  and others among the Eldership.

updated November 12, 1997
document MINBTRAD 1997 © Minoan Brotherhood

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