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Minoan Sisterhood Contacts in North America

revised by Brigantia, October 1998


You are most likely to find out about Minoan Sisterhood  covens or study groups by  direct invitation, after you have been participating in your local Pagan community for some time. When study groups advertise their existence, they might do so via regional contact services.

Once you have made contact with a study group or coven, ask for and check references. All legitimate Minoan Sisterhood covens and their associated study groups are part of a lineage of covens that trace back to an original  mother coven  in New York City. The majority of these covens trace through the Circle of Ara, a long-running coven in Manhattan.

Study groups and covens

New York City and vicinity

Circle of Ara focuses its attention on community service, interfaith and media work, and environmental issues, with the aim of establishing a Wiccan temple. For further information, send e-mail to

Minoan Sisterhood also runs a Women's circle/study group/grove, focussing on the Goddess. The group meets once weekly during the spring and summer, at Enchantments (a pagan supply shop in the East Village of Manhattan). For more information ring for Mary or Elspeth at Enchantments on (212) 228-4394.

Learning Circle, is a study group which has recently (March 1998) formed in the Riverdale neighbourhood of The Bronx in New York City. The following description was provided by the group's leader, Rhiannon Morgana:

 The Learning Circle is part of Gypsy Coven which will be officially forming in January 1999. Members of Learning Circle will have full opportunity to be in Gypsy Coven with full initiatory rites in the required space of time  and  learning experience. This will be a great opportunity for people who want to learn about the Gardnerian and Minoan traditions of Wicca. We will be meeting mostly on Saturday and/or Sunday, twice a month. The circle will  be held at my house  in the Riverdale section of the Bronx which is easily accessible from all forms of public transportation. I would encourage novices and solitaries who now wish to work in a circle and I have to state that  for many reasons the participants  must be the legal age of 21 or older. (I hate to exclude other people but I have had 15 and 16 year olds writing to me who live in their parents house and it could get very awkward.)

Rhiannon Morgana may be reached via e-mail at:

Magazines and Newsletters

I know of no specifically Minoan magazines or newsletters.


To the best of my knowledge, there are no Web-sites that specifically deal with the Minoan Sisterhood. Some discussion of the  Tradition and its teachings occasionally comes through on the Pagan discussion boards at America Online.

revised by Brigantia Stone
updated: October 26, 1998
document MINSFIND © 1998 Beaufort House Association

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