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Mohsian Tradition Contacts in North America

compiled by Season and Mevlannen

Electronic and Postal Contacts


Coven of Danu in Phoenix can make referrals to various Mohsian groups in Arizona. Contact Lord Joshu or Lady Iris at


For Mohsian contacts in California,  and for more  information regarding the Mohsian tradition in general, you may use the following e-mail addresses:

You may also write to us in care of the New Wiccan Church at:
Box 162046
Sacramento, California

For Mohsian contacts in Washington State, and for information regarding the history of  this venerable Craft tradition, contact  Dana Corby at:

Dana says:
"Merry Meet! RE: Mohsian listing: I'm a Mohsian HPS about 3, maybe 4 generations back  from Season, the author of the excellent piece you have  on our Tradition. In fact, all the existing Mohsian covens are of my line. Please give my e-address as a contact. I live in Tacoma, Washington; my Husband & I lead  Moon Tree Coven & would like to hear from people interested in a small,  eccentric, but veddy Brrritish Trad."

As always when making Craft inquiries, the enclosure of a self-addressed stamped envelope with your  inquiry would be greatly appreciated.

written by Season, HPS, Keepers of the Flame Coven, Sacramento, California; updated by  Mevlannen Beshderen to include additional information from Dana Corby
updated: November 7, 1998
document MOHSFIND © 1998 Season and others

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