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Morganan Tradition


Morganan Tradition contacts

compiled by Mevlannen Beshderen

The following descriptions are drawn from a listing on the Nine Houses of Gaia northwest contacts web-site: Circle of the Sapphire Flame

This coven is located in the Tigard/Beaverton area of Oregon. It is "a structured Circle of the Morganan Wiccan Tradition (a neo-Celtic/modern-eclectic path)  which includes smaller  societies within a larger community. We have Sabbat  celebrations and  festivals, Esbat meetings, and detailed, organized lessons that progress through many levels of  knowledge. Currently, our Circle is closed until  next autumn of '99. We will begin interviewing  for openings  again starting May."

The coven may be reached via e-mail at

Updated: 27 December 1998

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