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The NFG branch (1986)

by Janus

The NFG branch of Alexandrian Wicca places emphasis on preserving the tradition exactly as received, insofar as it is practical to do so.  Writings and oral history attributed  directly to Alex Sanders carry the greatest authority. Training in the NFG branch includes a large measure of practical magic skills aiming for tangible material results, with somewhat  less emphasis on group ritual compared to the  Ganymede/Chthonioi branch. Traditional secrecy is strictly observed, and is regarded as a valuable tool of magic in its own right.

In the NFG branch, the High Priestess of a  coven is addressed as 'Lady', and the High Priest is addressed as  'Lord'. A newly-formed coven is assigned a name by the leader of the parent coven.

written by Janus, June 8, 1998
navigation rearranged by Brigantia, November 7, 1998
document NFG-TRAD © Janus

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