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An Introduction to the NorthWind Tradition

by the NorthWind Elders

NorthWind is a group of individuals who call their religious focus Wicca. NorthWind was founded to help  provide solid training for people  interested in the Wiccan path. We recognize that no tradition can possibly hope to accomodate everyone. To this end, we encourage our members and students to explore other Paths and  Traditions, so they can find the appropriate Path for their  growth.

Our primary focus is service to the Community of the Stone Peoples, the general Wiccan and neoPagan community in the U.S, by teaching Wicca, training  clergy, leading public rituals, and attempting to increase networking among  groups.

The roots of NorthWind's ritual and lore consists of a combination of English/Celtic Wiccan and American Indian Spirituality. The  tradition has many sources: Amber K (author of True Magick), Our Lady of the Woods; Michael  Ragan, Temple of Danann; Dick and Gail, Unicorn Grove; Isaac Bonewits, Ar n'Draioght Fein; Medicine Hawk, Shadowlight Clan;  Judy Harrow, Proteus; and Tziporah, Blue Star. The world view and spirituality of the American Indians, specificially  Cherokee, is found throughout the teachings and rituals of NorthWind.

 The Stone Peoples

NorthWind takes an interesting approach to the concept of Deity. We recognize the God and the Goddess, but we also honor  a third power: the Community of the Stone People -- those people  world-wide (and throughout time) who, like us, are committed to the Earth and the natural universe and the concept of divinity in all things. We, therefore, usually do our  rituals with three people as High Priests/esses and  we invoke all three Powers at the beginning of our rituals. Many of our rituals involve several more individuals than three as we find this a further aid to our goal of doing powerful ritual.

Honoring Community in ritual is also  a way of honoring the Divine found within each of us. By calling Community, we acknowledge our link to the Gods; to those who follow similar paths past, present and future; to the ancestors; and to  ourselves.

NorthWind Structure

NorthWind is hierarchical but non-authoritarian. That is, we are highly structured and organized, but have very little "dogma." NorthWind operates under bylaws  established  with the cooperative work of all members and adopted by vote of the membership. A Council of Uncommons is elected from among all the membership to govern NorthWind in all secular or mundane matters. The Blue Council is made up  of  NorthWind's High Priests/esses and some Second Degree students to oversee the non-secular ideals of the Tradition.

Members are admitted with great care. We have a high commitment to scholarship and standards, and accept  hard work and  dedication to the service of the Community of the Stone People. We require total respect towards other paths and feel that magick without manners is unacceptable.

There are extremely few absolute rules and no  one is ever told which Gods or  Goddesses to worship, exactly how that worship is to be done, or what they must believe. We usually work robed, although street clothes or skyclad are both used from time to time. We have agreed  to wear coordinated tabards over our robes  (which may be of any color) merely as a method of expressing group unity. First Degree Initiates wear gold tabards, Second Degree Initiates wear any shade of blue tabard which they  please; and Third Degrees are like 1,000 lb. gorillas [Sister  and Daughter Covens are at liberty to choose other colors or to use no tabards at all.]

written by the Elders of NorthWind
updated: January 14, 1998
document NWINTRAD © 1998 NorthWind

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For more information about NorthWind or about this site, contact Starr. Classes on Wicca are  currently meeting. Anyone interested is always welcome. The first class was on Sunday evening, 9/7/97, in Knoxville, Tenn. Classes continue to meet  every other Saturday evening. Public rituals  and celebrations are always in the works. Send an email to Wren for more information on rituals and classes. Last summer, NorthWind sponsored a Summer Solstice gathering, called Summer   Magick . With luck, Summer Magick 2 will be held in the summer of 1998. If you are interested in more information, please contact Starr.