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A brief History of the StarKindler Tradition

by Dianis Lucien

I first formulated the name StarKindler in 1974 to express my understanding of the essence of Initiatory Craft.  Although I used StarKindler as a Coven name until  1987, it is a curious historical fact that the StarKindler Tradition was never practiced in Coven StarKindler itself, and that no  one who was Initiated into that Coven was Initiated into the StarKindler Tradition.

The Initiatory system used in Coven StarKindler, called Brotherhood of the Star, was a five  degree system derived from that of the Temple of the Pagan Way; it is  unknown to us whether anyone still practices that system.  Naming my Coven StarKindler was my way of holding the name  in trust, as a legacy to be passed on to the StarKindler Tradition when it was properly prepared to manifest itself on this plane.

The StarKindler Tradition was formally established in 1987.  It traces its Initiatory descent from Gerald B. Gardner through the Temple of the Pagan Way (Uranus) in Chicago, and from Alex Sanders through the Du Bandia Grasail line (DBG was one of the very few Alexandrian Covens in the U.S. to remain loyal  members of the Alexandrian Family when the rest left to join Mary Nesnick's Algard Tradition in 1972).

The Alexandrian influence first exerted itself in 1971 via The Truth About Witchcraft (in which Hans Holzer wrote about Alex's London Coven at length) and was intensified in 1974 via the  Temple of the Pagan Way, whose founding High Priest was an Initiate of Alexandrian as well as Gardnerian Wicca.  With my  formal Initiatory adoption into the Alexandrian Tradition in 1977, the  Alexandrian influence was complete.

Although other influences have been tributaries to the stream, the Alexandrian Tradition is the river from which the StarKindler Tradition current flows.  We are proud to consider ourselves a part of the Alexandrian Family of Traditions, for we believe that Old Gerald would have understood and  approved of Alex's vision  of the Craft, and that Alex would have understood and approved of our own.

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written by Dianis Lucien
updated: May 24, 1998
document STARHIST © 1998 Dianis Lucien (D. W. Piper)