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A StarKindler Tradition reading list

Recommended Reading:

Crowley, Vivianne: Principles of Wicca
Crowley, Vivianne: Wicca - The Old Religion in the New Age
Farrar, Stewart: What Witches Do
Farrar, Janet & Stewart: The Witches' Way
Farrar, Janet & Stewart: The Life and Times of a Modern Witch
Gardner, Gerald: Witchcraft Today
 Gardner, Gerald: The Meaning of Witchcraft
Valiente, Doreen: Witchcraft for Tomorrow
Valiente, Doreen: The Rebirth of Witchcraft


Additional Reading:

Adler, Margot: Drawing Down the Moon
Buckland, Raymond: Complete Book of Witchcraft
Farrar, Janet & Stewart: The Witches' God
Farrar, Janet & Stewart: The Witches' Goddess
Fortune, Dion: The Sea Priestess [fiction]
Fortune, Dion: Moon Magic [fiction]
Gardner, Gerald: High Magic's Aid [fiction]
Graves, Robert: The White Goddess
Harding, M. Esther: Woman's Mysteries
 Huson, Paul: Mastering Witchcraft
Luhrman, T.M.: Persuasions of the Witch's Craft
Starhawk: The Spiral Dance
Weinstein, Marion: Positive Magic

written by Dianis Lucien
updated: Jan. 23, 1999
document STARREAD © 1998 Dianis Lucien (D. W. Piper)

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