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The StarKindler Tradition

by Dianis Lucien

The StarKindler Tradition is devoted to the Great Goddess and Her Horned Consort in Their various aspects. We define Wicca as  "an  Initiatory, Oathbound, Pagan Mystery religion celebrating the Mysteries contained in the Legend of the Descent of the Goddess and in the Charge of the Goddess". Our primary focus is on the  sacramental celebration of those  Mysteries, and on the inner spiritual discipline and work by which an Initiate comes to experience and understand those Mysteries, and thereby to transform her/himself. Ritual skills are  emphasized, as well as the classical witches' crafts.

The StarKindler Tradition is coven-based and Initiatory. Only a duly authorized Elder may Initiate; and it is our custom that Initiation be passed cross-sexed. Self-initiation  into our Tradition is neither practiced nor recognized; all  StarKindler Initiates can trace their initiatory descent from Gerald Gardner and from Alex Sanders through Dianis Lucien. Like other "Brit Trads," we have  Three Degrees of Initiation, and we also have a preliminary grade called Dedication by which a Seeker formally commits to seeking Initiation as a Priest(ess) and Witch in the StarKindler Tradition. The rule is that a minimum of a year and a day must pass before Dedication, Initiation, or Elevation to a higher Degree. Our rule prohibits charging money for training and Initiation, or for magickal work.

StarKindler covens are ruled by both a High Priestess and a High Priest, in dynamic balance, although the High Priestess has charge within the Circle. The High Priestess and High Priest are assisted and advised by the Elders of  the coven,  but in all matters their joint decision is final. All Initiates are Priestesses or Priests in their own right, and therefore our rites are participatory and experiential rather than services conducted by a  "clergy" for the benefit of  a "congregation". The High Priestess of a coven may be addressed as "My Lady", or referred to as "Lady So-and-So". Likewise, the High Priest of a coven may  be addressed as "My Lord", or referred to as  "Lord So-and-So", a custom we share with our Alexandrian cousins and which differs from Gardnerian practice. StarKindler covens customarily work robed rather  than skyclad, although skyclad working is encouraged to be a part of one's  individual practice or working-partnership.

The StarKindler Book of Shadows evolved directly from the Alexandrian Book. We omit  nothing that we consider essential to the core material and lore; but we have added to and  augmented that material in a coherent, internally consistent fashion that embodies our own unique identity as a Tradition, and a  distinct flavor or sub-current of the Wiccan Initiatory Current. It is our Book of Shadows, and our body of  lore and practice, that we pass on to our lineal descendents as their initiatory heritage.

We regard  "Wicca", "British Traditional Witchcraft", and "British Traditional Wicca" to be synonymous terms.  We  therefore hold that being Wiccan requires a sufficient resemblance of belief and  practice to British Traditional Wicca as to be recognizably the same religion; and we regard lineage as preferable, although not essential to being of the Wicca.

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written by Dianis Lucien
updated: May 15, 1998
document STARTRAD © 1998 Dianis Lucien (D. W. Piper)