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History: The Temple Uranus

by the Council of Elders

[Editor's Note: The following is an excerpt from an introductory booklet prepared by the Council of Elders of the Temple in 1974.]

In 1967  an occult study and worship group was formed in Chicago. The purpose was to seriously study and  practice the "Arts Magickal," i.e. magick, the Craft and Paganism as expressed in the traditional philosophy of Western Occultism.

The  members of the group were initiates of different systems of the Arts, and all  held Paganism to be the true religion of the West. It was upon this groundwork that the roots were planted. The group began first to reconstruct its ancient past and  then to develop modern methods of work which were  meaningful to the members and of service to all humanity.

This pooling of traditions and efforts resulted in the founding of an initiatory society which soon became associated with what was  then called the Pagan Movement  (later the Pagan Way in North America) and the Pagan Front in Europe. As this society grew and developed, it found itself differing more and more from the other Pagan Way Groves. It was never a front for a coven  or camouflage  for another organization. This orientation away from Pagan Way groups, and the developed use of magick and classical philosophy, soon caused confusion in the occult community as well as with the general public. A new  direction  had become evident, and a new name was needed. In 1974 the magickal name URANUS was adopted by the General Council.

The Name 'Uranus' in the Mysteries

Uranus, in the mysteries, is the first child of  Phanes and Deep Night, Reason and  Darkness, Aether and Chaos, Positive and Negative, the archetypal God and Goddess existant before all creation. Uranus is the spiritual firmament -- not the sky men see, but the spiritual sky  of divine light. When Great Reason impregnated  Mother Night with his power, every particle of the Deep became radiant and the entire universe became a luminous fire-mist. This mist is Uranus, the light before the sun,  vibrating every particle of ensouled space. It is toward this Universal  Force that we reach.

Astrologically, Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius, the new eon. Uranus rules Magick as the higher Mercury. Numerologically, Uranus  is 22, one of the master numbers, representing harmony and balance in this material  universe. It rules the elements, striving for the unity of the solar cross -- the unity of the completed man.

Written by the Council of Elders, Temple of Uranus
Edited for HTML publication by Dianis Lucien
updated: May 15, 1998
document TPW-HIST © 1974 Temple of Uranus

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