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Windblown Tradition Contacts in North America

compiled by Mevlannen Beshderen

Electronic and Postal Contacts

As of this writing, I am aware of no electronic contacts for the  Windblown Tradition.

Wriiten enquiries are, however, received by Lady Setara, HPS of Twin Cedar Coven in Seattle; she is an energetic and articulate Witch  with an active teaching practice, and can be reached via:

Twin Cedar
Box 17854
Seattle, Washington

Lady Setara has had access to e-mail in the past, but her e-mail system is currently (December 1997) out of  action.

Magazines and Newsletters

I am unware of the existence of any Windblown traditional newsletters.

written by Mevlannen Beshderen
updated: December 1, 1997
document WINDFIND © 1997, Beaufort House Association

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