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Windblown Tradition Witchcraft

This page is still being researched. It is intended to describe the theology and practices of Windblown Tradition Witchcraft, as practiced by  various covens since 1983.

Fortunately for you, gentle reader, the contact page is already written (although, like most everything else at Beaufort House, it is open to revision...)

written by: Mevlannen Beshderen
updated: December 1, 1997
document WINDTRAD © 1997, Beaufort House Association

You may wish to look at:

Contact information for the Windblown covens.
An essay on abuse of power in the Craft, written by Lady Setara of Twin Cedar, who is a Windblown HPS.
An essay on the sale of Witchcraft by some Witches, written by Lady Setara.

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